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Friday, February 11, 2011

Straight from our hearts - Thristian, Sweet, and JoB

As we continuously go through this ordeal, there were a lot of people we met along the way who unexpectedly extended their help to our young family. 

"You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you - anonymous 
(quoted from Dr.Ty-Sy's status)

Maraming Salamat Dra. J. Ty-Sy's " PROJECT JOB "
You're indeed a BLESSING to Job!

and to all these people who walk with us in this journey that God has set before us:
Dr. D. Sy                              Ms. A.Atienza
J. Uy                                    Sheila and BJ 
B. Tan and T. Tan                  B. Sy and W. Sy
CT. Lim                                L. Ching
A. Tan and A. Chua                J. SanJuan
J. Tiu-Po                              G. Go
AN Loo Ang                          B. Obligacion-Javier
B. Goh-sy                             A. Cuazon
M. Wee                                R. Wenger          
G. Zablan-Axalan                   S. Go   
K. Ng                                   B. Ching
S.G. Encina                           BC. Sy
M. Kaufman                          D. Go
A. Tan                                 S.C. Co
D. Ty                                   V. Chan
C. Chong                              BeeJay
B. Ignacio                            M. Young
V. Geraldez                          J.S Miana
S. Ng Chan                           H. Go Chua
Dra P. Yukiji Villa                  M. Fausto Cruz 
S. Lee Lim                            J. Bautista, 
C. Uy,                                  J. Tang                   
I. Litton-Garrido                    P. Limjoco 
S. Dy Law                             G. Lazaro 
J. TanChi Mendoza                 N. Que Pe Ng  
E. Chua                                K. Kho Li
B. Gan                                 H. Sia
L. Manzana                           C. Chia 
MJ Tan                                 J. Chante 
C. Torres Zamora                   P. Cruz 
S. Chan                                M. Lopes
A. Lim                                  A. Tenorio 
E. Sagum                              Dr. S. Lee
T. Tionglo Franco                   Dr. L Lopez Evangelista
L. Tan - Paredes                    MG Uygongco
G. Gaisano Anggala                Princess and Tutus

Dr. J Dy - Chinese Charitable Intitution
Mr. A. Li - Tzuchi Foundation
B. Pascual - Ralph&Russel (an inspiration)
T. Lim, L. Lim and daughter (an inspiration)
I. Go - baghagdiaries
J. Wong - Tempstation Luxe 
Anton Diaz -
R. Manimtim Floresca -
I. Morales - 
* and to all anonymous donors

... ang aming taos pusong pasasalamat, na habang buhay naming tatanawin!

To God be the Glory!

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  1. I suggest you get in touch with Dr. Vanessa de Villa of The Medical City's Liver Center. She can help you with this. Liver transplantation can already be done in our country.