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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Best Christmas Gift

It was our first Christmas together with Job Tyrese—and it was a special occasion that gave a whole new meaning to receiving blessings from up above.

I was fortunate enough to meet this person, popularly known as “Aksyon Lady”-Maam Kaye Dacer of DZMM TeleRadyo (whose
 daughter became my patient in my work as a nurse)and I believe that It was God’s plan that I would be able to meet  her- a Blessing in Disguise, so to speak. She learned about my baby, Job Tyrese’s condition and invited me to guest on her show.

I was so hopeful of the opportunity given to me and did not want to miss the chance. Several days before Christmas (on December 20), my husband and I went on the air in her show - “Aksyon Ngayon Global Patrol” aired Mon-Fri 1:30-2:30pm, to ask for help for our child’s impending operation. It gave us an opportunity to help raise funds to the show’s listeners and viewers.

“This is for Job,” we told ourselves several times to quell the nervousness we were feeling then.

The response we received after our spot was overwhelming and unbelievable, to say the least.

Right after the show, we immediately received several text messages and phone calls offering their help. It was this moment we realized there are still kind-hearted people out there who are generous enough to share what they have even to total strangers like us.

In fact, the first one who gave a donation for Job called and told me that he was on the street right there and then, driving his car. Upon hearing my story, he wanted to deposit money right away.

This man wanted to remain anonymous and had instead asked for our bank account. He deposited P30,000 immediately. We can’t thank you enough, sir. You are an angel!

After that, my husband received a text message from a woman who said she wanted to give us her piggy bank. When my husband met with the woman, Thristian was surprised that the piggy was full. He learned that the coins inside was money that the woman saved for a whole year! Ibinagay nya kay Job yung pinagiponan nya sa isang taon.It was really touching!

We named that piggy bank “Blessing” and had taken a picture of it so Job can see it when the time comes. God bless you, ma’am, for your kind heart!

We even received calls from our OFWs in Saudi extending their help to us while others were willing to meet us in person just to give the donations in cash. Nakakatuwang isipin na sa mga panahon na ito, marami pa rin palang may mabubuting kalooban at willing to reach out to others.
I CAN REALLY FEEL CHRISTMAS because of these people.

Baby Job Tyrese was able to raise P151,000 since our spot on that show. The donations came in different denominations—some P500, others P2,000, and many were P5,000. Any amount given was much appreciated.

While it is a great start, there is still a lot to be done. Baby Job needs P3,000,000 to P4,000,000 for his operations to cure him of his disease. I do believe that this baby steps when put together will help us reach our journey.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who donated:
Babes LLanera, Rowel Balina, Claire Bituin, Jenny Chua, Jun Gador, Marissa, Philip, T.A.C., Tita Corrie
Haars of Pampanga, Imee, Saurabh Madnani, Ranier E. Manigsaca, Dey Masankay, Rowel, Arsenio Tan
Emmie de Jesus, Durgao, Tessie Ramos and Family Pacita Complex 1, San Pedro, Laguna
Melo of Cubao, Emma Alejandro, Rose Ching, Nolie Lagurin, Estrella Valiente, and to all Anonymous donors

Special thanks to Ma’am Kaye Dacer, who made this possible. We believe that God made you an instrument to make His way for us. We wish more people take after your generous and compassionate heart. More Power to DZMM especially to your show. Sana marami pa po kayo matulungan katulad namin. Thank You also to Sir David Oro for extending help to us.

While we can’t thank you enough here on earth, God will take care of you one way or another. God bless you all!

Your Prayers and Help are the best gifts our family received this Christmas season! 

*Posted on the 29th, December, Maam Kaye's Birthday

We call him "Blessing" - the piggy bank


  1. hello baby job. your smile is so precious...

    mommy and daddy, i would just like to clarify. on your profile post on the left it says P3 million to P4 million is needed for the operation. and in this particular post it says P4 million to P7 million.

  2. hi there!!!The pediatric liver transplant ranges from 4M to 7M in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. While U.S.A, is more than double of these amount. At this moment,we are considering Taiwan specifically Chang Gung Memorial Hospital because it's the cheapest. The total cost is P3-4Million.Thank You and God Bless!