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Friday, April 22, 2011

Run for JoB Tyrese

Another God sent soul, Ms. Mara Guevara, an architect and a triathlete who plans to hold a benefit run for our baby JoB.

"For those of you who don't know me, my name is Mara Guevara. I'm an architect by day and wannabe triathlete at night. I'll be celebrating my 26th birthday this 08 May 2011. This year, I've decided to do a benefit run for JoB Tyrese." (Mara Guevara)

Let us run for JoB Tyrese :

On May 15 2011, I commit to running as many kilometers as I can for 3 hours in an effort to raise funds for Baby Job's liver transplant. I will be accepting pledges in two ways:

1. You can pledge a certain amount for each kilometers that I complete. Minimum pledge is a measly Php 10 per kilometer. So if I finish twenty five (25) kilometers in 3 hours, you would have pledged Php 250 for JoB's cause.

2. You can pledge a fixed amount regardless of how many kilometers I finish. Minimum fixed pledge is Php 250.

*The amounts stated above are the minimum. If you wish to pledge a higher amount, then that is most welcome.

As this is a benefit run, I am minimizing expenses by providing for my own hydration needs. There will be no aid stations, kilometer markers, free singlet, medal, or other luxuries provided in other runs. My only aid station will be my car. I will provide for my own electrolyte drinks, salt tabs and energy gels. All you have to do is pledge for JoB.

For those of you that run, feel free to accompany me so I dont get bored. HeHeHe. You can run with me for one kilometer, ten kilometers, or even for the entire three hours. You can even bike alongside me, if you want to. It's up to you. What's important is that I raise funds for Baby JoB.

*For more details and information feel free to visit Mara's blog site :

*We would sincerely like to thank the following who pledged for JoB Tyrese: The members of, Nadia Azares, Roland Benzon, Christopher Cammish, Hyacinth Dadap, Carlos De Guzman, Dr. Patrick Garcia, Arch. Annie Guevara, Paula Guevara, Dr. Camille Ignacio, Jonelyn Kok, Arch. Xander Lacson, Jun & Viviene Laxa, Ben Lim, Jim Lim, Ria Mackay, Chai Mislang, Arch. Anthony Nazareno, Engr. Ronnie and Cora Nolasco, Janine Ramirez, Arch. Marian Sta. Teresa, Isabel Schmiedbauer, Cris Tanjutco. Michelle Uy, Dr. Jowi Uy, Dennis Valdes, Lou Vibar, Aleto Yao.

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With the support of :

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