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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Letter from JoB's Mom and Dad

Just like any other first time parents, we wish nothing but to have a healthy, normal baby who can enjoy life to the fullest.

For 9 months, we did our very best to take care and protect our precious “little one inside” and made sure he had a safe delivery. Indeed, our first child was born safe and healthy-looking and we were so happy for the blessing we received.

Baby Job Tyrese is a happy baby. He smiles and laughs a lot, loves to play with everyone (even people he just saw for the first time), and responds enthusiastically with different sounds and voices around him (we fondly call him “boy- tunog” because of this). He is such a wonderful baby!!

Everything seemed perfect—we are a young family with full of hopes and dreams. But as weeks passed by, our Baby Job remained “yellowish” in color or “jaundice.” One look at him and you notice his yellowish eyes. His stool, too, have become more pale-colored; and his tummy was noticeably bigger than any other normal baby.

Blood tests and other diagnostic examinations were conducted to determine what was wrong with him. The results showed he has BILIARY ATRESIA, a congenital, rare and serious liver disease of newborn infants.

Our world turned upside down and we were devastated! At first, we questioned our faith, asking Him why of all the babies in the world, “Bakit sa anak pa namin?”

We are good people and we did not deserve this, we thought. But soon we realized, “Sino ba kami para tanungin sya?” We don’t have the right to question God, for He is the one who gave us Job, the ONE who gave life to Job, and the ONE who gave this blessing to us. HE is Job’s Creator “kaya my karapatan siya sa kanya…”

We, as parents, are just caretakers of Job and our role is to let him feel loved. We remained faithful to God. We believed that everything happens for a reason and He is our strength now in this most difficult time of our lives.

At 2 months, baby Job Tyrese underwent surgery (kasai/hepato-eneterostomy) to provide temporary outlet of bile from his body to prevent further liver damage. Even if it broke our hearts seeing our son in the operating room and after the surgery with tubings/contraptions on his body, we took the chance for him to become better.

We were very hopeful for the success of the operation. But after 3 months under observation, our baby was still jaundice, the surgery didn’t work for him. Another downfall for us! But with God’s help and the support of our families and friends, we were able to accept easily our fate and Job’s fate as well.

After all that happened, Liver Transplantation is the ONLY option for Job’s survival. A more stressful situation for us not only emotionally, physically, mentally, but also financially. The procedure can only be done abroad with and it would cost us an astounding amount of P4-7 Million which our family doesn’t have right at this moment.

We may not be that poor like others, we still eat 3 times a day. Pero ang pinagdadaanan naming ngayon ay parang katulad din sa pamilyang gumagawa ng paraan magkaroon lang ng hapunan.

We are not rich. We are a newly-wed couple, a young family who is just starting from a humble beginning. But we know that God is good, we strongly believe that He will make a way for our son for a second chance of life.

Maraming paraan, ika nga, at isa na ito sa paraan na alam namin... That’s why we appeal to your charity and compassion. Families, relatives, friends, and everyone out there who has a kind heart, PLEASE help us raise the needed amount for our son’s liver transplantation.

Please let baby Job experience what life is—as God would want him! Please help us also spread our fund-raising campaign to other people. We still believe that charity and kind-heartedness don't choose anyone. Charity is for everyone. Fervent prayers and any amount donated will be much appreciated. We will be forever thankful. Thank You everyone and God Bless you all!

From our hearts,
Thristian and Sweet
(Father and Mother of Job Tyrese)

* Job Tyrese—named after the character in the bible, JOB, a man who was tested with so many trials but never gave up his FAITH

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